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Please Support Rob's political efforts with a Tax Deductible Donation

I had a very rewarding experience running for office and would like to do it again.  I am asking you to make at least a $50 donation or more If you want to see me run again.  Also as a bonus you can use your donation as a direct tax CREDIT on your Ohio state taxes (or $100 if you file jointly).

You can help by sending a check payable to “Citizens for Rob Ryan” 9514 Conklin Ave, Blue Ash, Ohio 45242 or make your donation by credit card by the donation menu or this LINK.   

This is a small way you can exert control over usage of state taxes; and at the same time help a State Representative candidate who believes in a smaller government, lower taxes and more freedom.

I ran to help the Libertarian party become a viable third party and plan to continue, This destructive Bi-Polar politics by the Republican and Democratic parties needs to end!  Someone that supports social tolerance and fiscal responsibility, can bring balance to these destructive forces that have come to dominate our political environment.

You can see more on my website look under the “Rob’s Principles” menu.

I personally will continue to focus my energy on issues that bring us together rather than tear us apart.  I learned a lot in this undertaking and met some really wonderful people during this event.   But as I said above I would like to do it again and am asking for you support

You can help by making a donation to Citizens for Rob Ryan.

Thank you

Paid for by Citizens for Rob Ryan - Bryant Callaghan, Treasurer - 9514 Conklin Ave, Blue Ash, Ohio
Donation To Citizens For Rob Ryan are not tax deductible on federal taxes
Donations up to $50 per person can be taken as a credit on Ohio State Income tax
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