Robert R. Ryan

Robert R. Ryan is an aerospace/mechanical engineer who has worked as a design, project and system engineer in satellite and aerospace propulsion systems. Mr. Ryan became involved in human rights and drug reform efforts as a result of events surrounding his mother's battle with cancer and his son’s fabricated drug arrest. He has been very active in community service. He has held significant leadership positions in Cub Scouts, PTA, Knights of Columbus, Weed n Seed and other organizations. Mr. Ryan ran for Mayor of Salisbury Maryland and was later elected to the Republican Central Committee, the policy making body.

As a member and treasurer of the Republican Central Committee, he authored and co-sponsored several successful reform platform issues and resolutions including voting rights and medical marijuana. The last resolution paved the way for several reform groups, which resulted in the Daryl Puttman medical marijuana bill signed by Maryland's Republican Governor Bob Ehrlich. Mr. Ryan moved back to Ohio, where he worked on several local issues such as the defeat of the Hamilton County Jail tax. He has testified on a variety of issues at state legislative and local government hearings.

In 2012 he ran for Ohio State Representative as a Libertarian. He was an elected member of the Libertarian & Republican Party and currently leads the Ohio state chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Mr. Ryan is a three time cancer survivor and fully supports the medical & full legalization of marihuana in Ohio.

Mr. Ryan believes that the Republican & Democrat party dominance of state and federal government are the root cause of our dysfunctional government.  Mr. Ryan believes that the two party system is focused on issues to divide us and that we need a real third party to represent the mainstream versus the two party system extremes and their destructive "Bi-Polar" politics. 

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